Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning… these words need no introduction at the moment! We all have an opinion on, or sometimes even fantasize about AI taking over the world, thanks to numerous movies and TV series.

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But what makes AI and Machine Learning such a buzz topic? Why are so many people interested in that? Here’s five reasons why I love ML so much and want to start a career on it!

My love for mathematics!

With no surprises, every concept in Machine Learning has it’s deep roots in the concepts of mathematics. In fact, every other algorithm in computer science is actually a subset of the ocean, that is, mathematics.

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Advent of Data

The real question is, what have we managed to do with so much information? That’s when Data science and Machine Learning comes into picture. With so much data and so many different types of data, it was only a matter of time before we began to think about doing something useful with it. And the insights we get from the data, has helped us make informed decisions in so many crucial places.

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Cricket(Sports) and Data Science

I took up computer science as my under grad, and around the time I was in my first year in college, I got to know about a really cool job. I came to know that there is a data scientist as part of every IPL team, who analyses players’ data and comes up with a game plan or strategy to improve the team. This was a revelation for me, as I thought it was only the coaches, support staff and the captain who make decisions. Little research got me to realise that there is a data scientist for the Indian Cricket team as well, and data scientists actually play a crucial role in every sports team in the world. This amplified my interest in Machine Learning as I could combine two things I love and start a career with that. How cool!

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Possibilities are endless

There are also endless possibilities in the domains you can apply machine learning. Since data is omnipresent, and in such huge volumes, machine learning cannot be restricted to any particular part of our lives. This has led to humans using machine learning in sports, weather forecast, stock market prediction, AI based robots and machines, health care, Image recognition, Speech recognition etc. The world is your oyster!

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…Cause it’s really interesting!

We all learn from our experiences. Deep learning algorithms are no different. Given enough examples of a particular class of images, the algorithm can learn various features of the image and predict a completely new image under the same class. If we understand linear algebra, the underlying mathematics behind this is pretty easy, but the fact that we somehow applied that to images, to actually build various algorithms is very interesting and fascinating. And trust me, image processing has actually taken over our everyday lives. Facial recognition systems are available in our phones, our offices, and it is used in crime investigations (we have all seen in movies :P). Moreover, the insights we get from analysing data and the process we follow to get there, is something very engaging.

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And there we go. That’s some of the reasons I love Data Science and Machine Learning!

I believe ML and AI is gonna rule the future, as we have still not mined all the data and information we produce. And as a consequence, there will be demand for more data scientists in the near future. I hope to see huge advancements in Machine Learning in the next decade!

Here are some useful courses to begin your Machine Learning journey :

  1. Machine Learning, Andrew Ng — Coursera
  2. Deep Learning Specialization, Andrew Ng — Coursera
  3. Machine Learning A-Z : Hands-On Python & R In Data Science — Udemy

Happy learning! :D

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