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I recently got some free time during the New year 2021, long weekend, and I was wondering what I can do other than watching movies and sleeping, to spend some productive time. I decided to search for some data related to covid19 on the internet and found a dataset that was interesting. I was also doing a course on Udemy called Machine Learning A-Z : Hands on Python & R in Data Science, so I decided to apply the algorithms that I learnt on the dataset and see some results.

After going through this blog, you will get an idea…

Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning… these words need no introduction at the moment! We all have an opinion on, or sometimes even fantasize about AI taking over the world, thanks to numerous movies and TV series.

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But what makes AI and Machine Learning such a buzz topic? Why are so many people interested in that? Here’s five reasons why I love ML so much and want to start a career on it!

My love for mathematics!

Ever since I was a kid, I loved mathematics. The reason was partly because I was good at it, and partly because it was so interesting. I would…

V Venkataramanan

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